Inception of Jenco Group.

In 1972, our founder Late Shri Ravi J Kandhari conceived and started a tiny manually operated hot dip Galvanizing jobbing unit to cater to small Government ancillary job work. He later went on to modernise and increase capacity of our batch galvanising unit by introducing mechanical crane assisted operations catering to various project affiliated steels for job galvanising. His legacy has been carried forward by both his sons Mr Rajeev R Kandhari and Mr Rishi R Kandhari, who forward integrated into design engineering, manufacturing and supply of hot dip galvanised solar mounting structures, transmission towers, cable support systems, walkway gratings, sub station structures, earthing materials and customised fabrications. Integrated CNC & NC machine operated plants with ISO certifications were commissioned catering to wide range of steels used in verticals including energy, infrastructure, power, oil & gas, petroleum, chemicals, telecomm, commercial, industrial, etc.

The vision of the group is to "Become a major supplier of engineered galvanised steels & contribute in making every steel application sustainable with increased service life, no maintenance cost & zero replacement cost, thereby saving untimely degradation of the steel resource and contributing to reduction in carbon footprints".

We are an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHAS 45001 certified company awarded with a Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) certification. We are associated with all major Government and Corporate companies & topmost project consultants.

Our Journey

In 1972 - We started as a small sundry Hot Dip Galvanizing company in name of Jenco Industrial Corporation (M/s Jenco Galvanizing Pvt Ltd) with manual operations catering to small ancillary job-work from government enterprises.

In 1989 - We enhanced our job galvanizing capacity to cater to the diversified applications of M.S & C.I Products in various sectors including Oil & Gas, Power, telecom, Infrastructure, Petrochem, offshore, Rural Electrification, etc. During this phase, we have enriched our understanding of design and fabrication requirements in various verticals.

In 2000  – We set up a fabrication unit for job working of galvanized floor gratings & trading of G.I Earthing Materials to meet our captive galvanizing capacity of 12000 TPA.

In 2003 – Launched GBARZ (Hot dip Galvanized reinforcement bars) in concrete to provide, sustainable long & maintenance free service life to concrete structures in construction & infrastructure vertical.

In 2006 – Manufacturing division with infrastructure in name of M/s Pentax Ferro Incorporate at Wada, Dist. Palgarh, Maharashtra, was established being involved in manufacturing of Industrial floor gratings & cable trays for various project requirements.

In 2009 - We forayed into Design & Manufacturing of sustainable galvanized structures for solar energy project (Rooftops, ground mounted & Tin-roofs) applications. Manufacturing infrastructure with required plant & equipment were introduced to enhance capacities of our designed products at Wada, Dist. Palghar, Maharashtra.

In 2010 – All our manufacturing facilities were ISO 9001certified with established quality management systems.

In 2011 – M/s Galbro Ispat Galvanisers Pvt Ltd. was setup as a state of the art hot dip galvanizing facility to enhance production capacity of our sundry hot dip galvanizing to 24000 TPA with footprints in project scale operations in sectors including Renewable energy, Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Power, Energy, Railway electrification, Offshore, Petroleum, Chemical Industries, Industrial, Agricultural & virtually any other application of steel.

In 2012 – Production capacity enhancement of our sundry hot dip galvanizing facility to 24000 TPA with footprints in project scale operations in sectors including Renewable energy, Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Power, Energy, Railway electrification, Offshore, Petroleum, Chemical Industries, Industrial, Agricultural & virtually every other application of steel.

In 2016 – CNC, NC machines & cold roll forming lines introduced to upgrade manufacturing range of our galvanized products & enhance its installed capacities to 6000 TPA.

Till date – Being ISO 14001, 45001 certified We have introduced multiple customized galvanized products & provide complete solutions for structures used in infrastructure, solar energy generation, construction & power verticals that are sustainable and perform maintenance free for a lifetime.

“Our vision & mission is to provide sustainable galvanized structural solution for every possible steel application, enriching it with long, maintenance free service life and sustaining it for future generations, thereby saving the environment and huge costs involved”

Board of Directors - Jenco Group

Mr Rajeev R Kandhari (Director)

Is a “CORROSION WARRIOR” promoting usage of sustainable steels in structural applications. Being a post- graduate in Business Administration from Mumbai & Diploma holder in New and Emerging Business Strategies, IIM Ahmedabad, he has upskilled himself with Growth Accelerator&Business accelerator programs from renowned Quantum Leap academy, has 30 years of hands-on experience in studying and identifying the need and challenges of structural steel applications today. He has been actively associated with ILZDA (India Lead Zinc Developmentassociation) & Galvanizers association Of Australia for various technical deliberations,imparting knowledge-based seminars. He has patented brand GBARZ (Re-bars coated with zinc)with successful performance in multiple RCC projects in commercial & public utility space. He is a memberon the core committee of Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) MTD 24 for incorporation and amendments of IS codes related to surface coatings and corrosion protection of metals. He has been instrumental in enhancing the scope of galvanizing from the already existing conventional fields to engineered steels used in renewable energy, construction, and infrastructure space. His various published articles and papers have appeared in publications like Engineering chronicles, Minerals & Metals review, ILZDA publications, Indian express, etc. He has contributed to enhancing capabilities of in- house manufacturing divisions with design engineering and update technologies, providing concept to commissioning solutionsfor PV solar projectsin rooftops, carports, and rural open spaces, pan India. He has a passion for upgrading systems with disruptive engineering techniques in manufacturing facilities standardizing and aiding to optimal design solutions.


Rishi R Kandhari (Director)

has 20 yrs of experience in marketing & systems management of our galvanizing & transmission towers manufacturing division. He is a visionary who has set up forward integration into manufacturing of transmission & Telecom towers, Substation Structures & Earthing materials to support capacity utilisation of our in house galvanizing division. He has deployed state of the art CNC machines to enhance productivity of TLT and other allied structures to upto 12000 MTA.


Nirmala. R. Kandhari (Director)

An M’com degree holder from Mumbai has 25 years of rich experience in administration & finance of our group of industries. With finance and accounting as her area of expertise, Mrs Kandhari has efficiently handled our corporate finance & accounts. Her experience & vision in the field has supported timely financial requirements for functioning and expansion of the group.

No. Particulars Certification
1 Hot Dip Galvanizing (Sundry) ISO 9001-2015
2 GBARZ (Galvanized Re-Bars) BIS Approved
3 Sheet Metal Division
a) Cable Trays
b) Cable Support System
c) Solar Mounting Structure
ISO 9001-2015
4 Gratings and Trench Cover Division ISO 9001-2015
5 Transmission Towers & Substation Structures ISO 9001-2015
6 Earthing Materials ISO 9001-2015
7 General Fabrication & Galvanized products as per client specification -

Founded by Late Shri Ravi J Kandhari (1945 -1998)