Tests by – Torsteel research foundation of India

The Tests were done to analyse the relative performance of galvanized rebars in comparison with uncoated rebars. The tests conclusively prove that in terms of corrosion protection galvanized rebars have been emerged highly superior to uncoated steel. At the same time the bond strength and bending properties remained unaffected.

Tests by IIT Mumbai

The Investigation clearly showed that the galvanized and galvanized chromated reinforcement resulted in several fold increase in the corrosion resistance capability compared to the plain black steel. It was also observed that improving the grade on concrete has improved the corrosion resistance significantly.

Tests by CECRI

Central Electrochemical research institute (CECRI) Karaikudi India. Galvanized and chromated reinforcement barz performed better than black in every set of tests and under all conditions.

Galvanized and chromated Reinforcement Barz resulted better in most environments galvanized specimens seem to perform best in rich (M30) concrete with no chloride contamination while galvanized and chromated Reinforcement Barz performed in lean (M15) concrete and in contaminated (1% chloride) concrete.

CINVESTAV Final Report

The study shows that zinc can be used to protect reinforcement barz from corrosion in tropical marine environment by using local material and also that this application can be monitored using locally available resources.

Pull Out Test Result of SP College of Engg, Mumbai

The conclusion of the test was the slip in case of GBARZ (TMT bars with Galvanized coating) bars upto maximum pull out load is less than in case of TMT bars without coating.

Pull Out Test Results at TATA STEEL

The Galvanized bar show equal bond strength as compared to TMT Fe 500 grade steel bars.