Being in service for over 40 years, We are first sundry galvanizing company who has been awarded BIS Certification. We an ISO certified organisation enlisted in special category with all major consultants and contractors for our batch galvanising services.

Further as an MSME we have the honor of being contributors to the “Make in India” initiative by providing exclusive Hot Dip Galvanizing services for under water submarines and war ships to Indian Navy under stand alone license from DCNS, France.

Having enriched experience & exposure to batch galvanised steels used in various applications across verticals, we provide design engineering services on optimal fabrication on steels before galvanizing, to ensure high standards of zinc coating and surface finish. Our zinc bath purity is maintained with minimum 98.50 % and zinc used is of highest quality with 99.99% purity (SHG).

We have expertise in handling complex jobs with variable dimensions maintaining highest standards in quality.

The size of our current zinc baths are
– 7.5 Mtr (L) x 1.5 Mtr (D) x 0.9 Mtr (W)
– 8.0 Mtr (L) x 1.8 Mtr (D) x 1.2 Mtr (W)

Capacity (TPM)