We are committed to provide safe hazard free working environment as per international standard. Our plant is equipped with the following to provide a pollution Free environment.

1) Galvanizing Plant:

– Air scrubbing system to control air pollution & convert air pollutants in to water vapor.

– Water & effluent treatment plant to control solid waste & water pollution. The waste water is then treated for usage in gardening.

initiative by Galbro in reducing carbon footprints.

Galbro based on lifetime energy of 91,616 KWh

Greenhouse gases

CO2 CarbonDioxide 1,62,254.53 Kgs

NO Nitrogen Oxide 79.61 Kgs

SO2 SulphurDioxide 4.67 Kgs

Carbon 162.25 Metric Ton

Almost GreenZone Population equivalent to 14 Hectares

2) All Plants:

– Training, Workers Welfare, periodical medical checks with vaccination programs are carried out to ensure workers health & safe working atmosphere.