We have accomplishments which proudly puts us as pioneer in diversified application of our galvanized products. We are the only Hot Dip Galvanizer in the country that has been awarded ISI mark of quality for galvanizing of reinforcement steel as per IS 12594.

We have hands on experience of galvanizing more than 20000 tons of reinforcement bars complying to residential, commercial, public utility structures, bridges etc.

Our brands GBARZ has been specifically launched to ensure high quality Galvanized Re-bars based on our proprietory technique of galvanizing which has been mastered through years of experience & inherent patent technology.

Our Product GBARZ (Galvanized Reinforcement Bars) is approved with MCGM, CIDCO, MSRDC, CPWD, PWD & MMRDA

This process is secure & reliable and has emerged technically superior and cost effective in the long run. It increases life of the TMT Bars by more than 60 to 70 years.

Galvanized steel is the best way to built structures that are sustainable, cost effective & long lasting.